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Wedding unity ceremony tips

By: Yolanda Nash

The Unity Candle Ceremony symbolic part of the wedding ceremony. The lighting of the candles symbolizes the union of husband, wife and their families.

The unity candle set is two taper candles and a large candle. The candles are usually placed in a candelabra. The larger of the three which is called the unity candle is placed where the ceremony will be taken place. Then the couple will take one of the taper candles each and they will light the large unity candle together which will symbolize the unity of their new lives together.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you customize your unity ceremony.

Before you begin your ceremony it is a good idea to make sure your candles light.

Have your bestman and bridesmaid take part in the ceremony to symbolize the joining of new friendships and family.

Some couples will already have the taper candles burning before the start of the ceremony to reflect the bride and groom as individuals.

Have your parents take part in the ceremony with you. Have each one of your parents light the unity candles with you to symbolize the new union of families.

The groom can also light one of the tapers before the ceremony, and after the bride is escorted in, her and her father can light the other taper to symbolize her fathers approval of the union.

If you have children it is a nice idea to have them help light the unity candle.

When lighting the unity candle you should let your photographer and videographer know where and when that way you can get the best pictures possible of the unity ceremony.

Have one of your favorite love songs played while lighting the unity candles.

Exchange poems while your partner is lighting the unity candle.

Check with the pastor and make sure it is ok to have a unity ceremony.

Most of all remember it is your wedding and you can customize your unity ceremony any way that you like.

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