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Bachelorette Party Games: Start the Fun at Home

By Gwen Liveris

Your best friend is getting married and you are the maid (matron) of honor. What an honor that is! The only problem is that you are not sure how to plan the bachelorette party. Listed are a few games that are guaranteed fun! Please start the bachelorette party at home so your guests feel more comfortable and can get acquainted. If you decide totake the party out on the town later, you can reflect back on the fun activities from earlier in the evening!

Guess The Nuts

1 sturdy wooden hanger,
1 small salami or pepperoni,
1 pair men's cotton y-front underwear,
large safety pins,
whole walnuts,
needle and thread

Sew the leg holes and y-front of the underwear closed. Pin them on the wooden hanger using the safety pins. Fill the underwear with the walnuts making sure to count how many you put in. Place a small salami or pepperoni down the front of the underwear. When the guests arrive have them guess how many nuts are in the underwear. Encourage the players to feel the nuts! Leave the nut filled underwear hanging up for the remainder of the party, as it makes a great party decoration! The closest guess below the actual number, wins! The sausage and walnuts can be eaten at a later date!

Tape the Shape on Her Man

1 posterboard,

1 blindfold,
1 enlarged picture of the grooms head

multi colored construction paper, scissors, clear tape, markers,

On the posterboard, draw a picture of a sexy man's body from the thigh area up to and including his neck, but leave out his male member. Tape the picture of the grooms head onto the neck. Try to make this proportional, but if it's not, sometimes it's even more funny! Tape the poster to the wall at waist level.

Hand each player a piece of construction paper and have her cut out a shape of a male member. Make sure she writes her name on the back. Blindfold the first player. Fold down the square end of her playing piece and attach a loop of tape to it.Put the other end in her mouth. Spin her around 3 times and have her get on her knees to crawl over to the poster. Have her press her mouth up against the poster until her playing piece sticks. She must not use her hands to feel the poster. The player who is closest to being anatomically correct, wins! This is the big girl version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey! Wear the game pieces as name tags later in the evening.

Cucumber Race

1 cucumber per player,
1 maraschino cherry per player,
2 cans whipped cream

Divide the players into 2 equal teams. Choose one person from each team to be a captain. Seat the two captains across the room with one cherry per player and a can of the whipped cream. Have the rest of the team line up on the other end of the room and give one cucumber to each player. To begin, the first players in each line place their cucumbers between their thighs so the cucumber is horizontal to the floor. Have the players race down to their captain. The captain places some whipped cream on the end of the cucumber and places the cherry in the whipped cream. The player races back to the starting line, balancing the cherry on the cucumber. Then it is the next players turn. Continue until each player has a turn. The first team finished, wins! If a player drops her cucumber or her cherry falls off, she must start over. This game promotes team spirit!

These games are so much fun and are a great way to get the party started in the right direction!

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